Welcome back …

It’s funny, the path you end up taking sometimes.  When the Alumni Association was started in 1987, it served as a way for anybody who ever loved Holiday Home Camp to connect.  We helped host a massively wonderful 100th anniversary party that year, which brought people from all over the world to celebrate the awesomeness that is HHC.  In the years following, we mailed out a fantastic paper newsletter that contained news and happenings at Camp.  We hosted the now infamous Work Weekends, where dedicated alumni came and slugged away at much needed improvement projects … and then sat around the campfire and told stories late into the night.  We look back on those days as sort of a golden age, full of fun, excitement and love for Holiday Home Camp.

But times change.  Not necessarily for the good or the bad … but they do change.  The needs of Camp change, the volunteer availability changes, the way we connect changes.

So we go back to why we are here.

We exist to connect people to Camp.  And to each other.  A place for all those campers, staff, board members, volunteers, and donors to hear and tell stories about Holiday Home Camp.

The really cool part about connecting is that it is a two way street.  Our Facebook page and Twitter feed really opened our eyes to the fact that we could talk too you … and you could talk back. And we LOVED every second of it.  So now, instead of a static website, we decided to update to a more blog-like format for easier sharing.  Of course, we want to continue to hear from you.  Because that’s really what it is all about … the connection.  The shared love for a place as amazing as Holiday Home Camp.

Welcome to the campfire …

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